What do you want to read about you, your product or your event in the paper?

Together with you, we develop effective media strategies that pique the interest of journalists. We steer print, TV, radio and internet coverage in the direction you choose and ensure that your intentions are talked about long-term.

We know exactly what makes journalists tick. Thousands of press releases have passed through our hands – and were immediately consigned to the waste paper basket. Use us, and this will never happen to you. Our many years of editorial experience at leading publishing houses means we know how to make you headline news.

The agency founders Anna Hesse and Theresa Hallermann worked for BILD Hamburg as society columnists until December 2009. We are in personal contact with prominent figures and media decision-makers throughout Germany. Our network includes highly qualified journalists, photographers, art directors, advertisers, web designers, filmmakers and artists. Take advantage of our little black book and our expertise to ensure your success.



Anna Hesse

Managing Director

Trained at the Axel Springer School of Journalism, then worked for nearly ten years as a newspaper editor for BILD, BILD Munich and BILD Hamburg, to name but a few. Founded the PR agency hesse und hallermann with Theresa Hallermann in 2010.
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Theresa Hallermann

Managing Director

Has worked as a journalist since 2000. After a traineeship at AMICA, several years of working for PRINZ, writing freelance for various publishers and being employed as an editor at BILD Hamburg, she founded the PR agency hesse und hallermann together with Anna Hesse in 2010.
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Kristina Kraske

PR Consultant

After having studied Roman Literatures and Latinamerica Studies at the University of Hamburg, Kristina Kraske started her career in digital journalism at dpa Ÿinfocom and Hamburger Abendblatt. In the following years, she finds herself responsible for pr, marketing and event management being the Artist Manager of such renowned celebrities as TV cook Tim Mälzer or TV presenter Judith Rakers.

With hesse und hallermann PR since: June 2017.
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Barbara Kimeswenger

PR Consultant

Barbara Kimeswenger was born in Vienna and after stops at Hitradio Ö3 and SONY Music, she moved on to beautiful Hamburg, where she first worked as project manager in an artist management agency. She managed various artists such as TV chef Steffen Henssler or singer/songwriter Patrick Nuo. Lately she has joined an Influencer Marketing agency, where she found herself responsible for the blogging community.

With hesse und hallermann PR since: September 2017
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Vivien Wehlau


After finishing school in 2014, she spent one year abroad and worked as a Full Time Volunteer for Galway Simon Community in Ireland. Back in Germany, she decided to study Mediamanagement in Salzgitter. Additionally, she was able to gain experience at the Brunswick newspaper and a regional TV broadcasting. As a practical part of her studies she now wants to get to know more about public relations.

With hesse und hallermann PR since: March 2018.
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