Medicine / Corporate PR:

Altona Children's Hospital

The Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus (AKK) was founded in 1895 and since then, it is specialised in therapies of patients in childhood and adolescence. Initially started with six beds as a children-hospice, it now has 231 beds for inpatient therapies. The ‘Lufthafen’ at the Altonaer Kinderkrankenhaus, which intensely mediactes children and adolescents who are given long-term artifical respiration, is unique in Germany.

In this hospital ward, the parents of small patients have the opportunity to be with their children day and night. Prominent support has been provided for many years by the top chef Cornelia Poletto, who cooks as a dedicated patron with the small patients and generates donations, which can be used to obtain more sleeping places for the relatives.

hesse and hallermann PR supports the Altona Children’s Hospital since August 2017 as an external PR agency in every requests.