Dr. med. Mirriam Priess

Dr. med. Mirriam Prieß is a doctor, coach and author.

She has studied medicine at the University of Hamburg and added a PhD certificate in the department of psychosomatics. After her postgraduate training in depth psychology oriented psychotherapy and -analysis as well as systemic therapy and organizational consulting, for eight years she worked in a clinic specialised on psychosomatic and found herself responsible for the medical sections of anxiety, depression and burnout.

Since 2005 she has been providing consulting services in the economy and offers, amongst other things, individual coaching for executives in conflict and stress management. In addition, she gives trainings and holds lectures on health management and prevention with special focus on burnout. Her experiences and insights are regularly incorporated into her own books such as “Burnout kommt nicht nur von Stress“ / Burnout does not only come from stress (2013), “Finde zu Dir selbst zurück“ / Find yourself (2014) (oder find your way back to yourself??)  and “Resilienz- das Geheimnis innerer Stärke“ / Resilience – the secret of inner strength (2015). In her latest book “Zeit für einen Spurwechsel – Wie wir aufhören uns selbst zu blockieren und dem Leben eine neue Richtung geben“ / Time for a lane change – How to stop blocking ourselves and give life a new direction, she provides tips on how to stop standing in one’s own way and guide oneself’s life into the right direction.

hesse and hallermann has been advising Dr. med. Mirriam Prieß since February 2018. The agency is responsible for the promotion of her latest book as well as her personality PR.