Medicine / Corporate PR:

H.I.T. Stiftung

“Blankenese optician on an international mission”
BILD Hamburg

According to estimates, every fifth child in the world suffers from a visual impairment that negatively impacts their ability to learn. At school, they cannot read what is written on the board, so they miss out on things and, in the worst-case scenario, they fall behind in their educational development. Dr Peter Kaupke, an ophthalmologist from Hamburg-Blankenese, wants to help these children – which is why he has established the foundation H.I.T. Stiftung. The foundation’s goal is to promote children’s educational and development opportunities by providing aid locally, improving the understanding of prevention, and establishing an international network of ophthalmologists and opticians, as well as psychologists, teachers and social education workers.

hesse und hallermann was engaged on a project-specific basis to handle the public relations work for the “Save children’s sight” funding project. This project sees sailing crews – equipped with ‘sight cases’ containing medical instruments for quick vision tests – heading to remote areas where children with visual impairments have so far not been able to receive help due to a lack of doctors and opticians. Dr Kaupke’s foundation equips the affected children with glasses and provides much-needed aid locally.