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Hardys Manufaktur

“Five-Star Dog Food.”
Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung

HARDYS Manufaktur, a family-run business founded in Solingen in May 2014, is in the process of positioning itself in the premium wet dog food segment with its top quality HARDYS TRAUM® product line. The HARDYS range also includes healthy treats and HARDYS pharmacy-quality herbal health supplements to ease stomach and digestive problems, skin and coat problems and stress. The latest highlight: the HARDYS TRAUM® Cornelia Poletto edition. All HARDYS Manufaktur pet foods make do without artificial flavourings, preservatives or genetically modified grains – because man’s best friend deserves the best possible nutrition!

hesse und hallermann PR took over HARDYS Manufaktur’s PR in 2015.