Art / Event PR:


“Pop Art pioneer back from party hell.”
Hamburger Morgenpost

He is one of the last surviving original American Pop Art artists: James Francis Gill. In September 2014, he exhibited his works at the Udo Lindenberg & more-Galerie in Hamburg. In November 2015 he shows his painting in Werl.

With a cowboy hat perched on his head and three paintings under his arm, James Francis Gill turned up at the gallery of Felix Landau, then the most influential gallery owner in America, in 1962. Two months later, the Museum of Modern Art added Gill’s Marilyn Triptych to its collection. Overnight, the young cowboy became one of the most famous American Pop Art artists. His works were exhibited at the renowned Sao Paolo 9 in 1967/68 alongside the works of Warhol, Lichtenstein and Rauschenberg.

hesse und hallermann PR supported the artist during his stay in Hamburg and ensured that Gill’s exhibition received major media resonance. hesse und hallermann also handled the press at Gill’s exhibition in Werl (November 2015).