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“A new look for not a lot of money – yes, please.”
Für Sie

“What shall I wear?” This question immediately springs to the mind of any fashion-conscious woman when she receives an invitation to a wedding, a cocktail party or a red carpet event. “Too ordinary”, “worn it too often” or “too tight” are often the sobering conclusions after a survey of the wardrobe contents. Clearly, something new must be bought.
“Dress to impress” – the fashion portal LAREMIA gives women who love exclusive and interesting clothes the chance to shine at any event. The idea: renting instead of buying! After all, who really has thousands of euros to spend on a Valentino dress? At LAREMIA, you can rent it for a fraction of the original price. You can also conveniently select a matching designer handbag and accessories online at

hesse und hallermann PR ensured Laremia’s prominent positioning in women’s, fashion and lifestyle media and also in the celebrity outfit market.